LumiPlus Design, the most advanced LED technology wins the 2014 Red Dot Award

LumiPlus Design recognised for its innovation and excellence by the 2014 Red Dot Award.
Available in two finishes, pure white and a stainless steel effect, thanks to the use of an innovative technology called in-mould decoration (IMD).
Fluidra has managed to make LumiPlus Design the range with the highest luminous efficacy from all of its LED solutions for pools.

AstralPool has launched LumiPlus Design, an innovative family of underwater LED floodlights that combines the most efficient and advanced LED technology with innovative design.

AstralPool’s LumiPlus Design floodlights are the first ever underwater range made using in-mould decoration technology. In this case, plastic strips have been processed to look like stainless steel. This range of LEDs is available in a pure white or stainless steel effect finish.

The 2014 Red Dot Award for the most advanced LED solution
LumiPlus Design by AstralPool has been recognised by winning a Red Dot Award, one of the world’s most prestigious design awards since 1955.
The Red Dot Award is given to products launched over the past two years, which must be of proven superiority in terms of a total of nine aspects, which include innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability.

Maximum adaptability

Their look and size (the diameter is smaller than a PAR56 LED floodlight) means that the LumiPlus Design range blends in perfectly with any pool environment, in addition to giving a modern and distinctive touch. Moreover, LumiPlus Design floodlights are set at an angle to better light up the pool bottom and reduce outdoor light pollution.

Maximum energy efficiency

The LumiPlus Design floodlights have improved luminous efficacy and energy efficiency by over 40% in comparison with other similar LED floodlights currently available on the market.
LumiPlus Design is available in RGB, white and RGB-DMX, and is compatible with all LumiPlus Eco, Top, DMX and LED app control systems distributed by AstralPool.

Fluidra, national and international benchmark for sustainable use of water

Fluidra is a multinational group listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange, dedicated to developing applications for sustainable water use. The company offers solutions for Pool / Wellness, Fluid Handling / Irrigation and Water Treatment through its core brands AstralPool, Cepex and Idrania.

Fluidra operates in 41 countries by way of 150 branches and production centres located in the main markets. Fluidra products are distributed to more than 170 countries due to an extensive sales network. The group has some 3,600 employees.

Respect for water and its rational use are two concepts at the core of the philosophy of the group. The companies which comprise Fluidra, some of these with 40 years of experience, have grown with this vision, specializing in solutions for water conservation, handling, treatment and enjoyment.