Water Treatment


Water treatment is a growing sector thanks to the nowadays sensitiveness for the efficient use of water and to the regulation worldwide.

At Fluidra, we have a dedicated business unit that specialises in the treatment of water for domestic, industrial and/or leisure purposes. We develop a range of processes and methods for desalination, drinking water treatment, feed and process water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and re-use of water. We pride ourselves on providing the market with a wide range of solutions for the recovery and use of water and on always putting our customers’ needs first.

Idrania is the reference brand with which we offer products for the residential and commercial water treatment.
It’s the ideal solution to have a healthier and pure water in our own house. In Fluidra we have a wide range of domestic water softeners, volumetric and cronometric, reverse osmosis equipment, filtration and disinfection, pressure bottles, dosing tanks and pumps, brine tanks and other equipment for the water treatment.

You can find more information in the website of our water treatment brand: